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    [moved] N900 Bluez Installation

    I am a Master student of Biomedical Engineering and I need to use N900 as a small part of my project and I need your kind help accordingly.

    I want to make a link most likely (a Bluetooth) between N900 and a Bluetooth module to send data from that module to the device.
    I thought about bluez, but at the meantime I have the following problems:

    1.I can not install the Bluetooth on the device, thereby I can not activate bluez, I’m getting always “NOT FOUND” message when I’m trying the codes in the xterminal of N900, while I have already the ssh over the device.
    2.I want to access N900 from the PC via (USB connection) but I couldn’t find the instruction to control the device from the terminal of linux (PC).


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    Re: N900 Bluez Installation

    I'm not sure what is it that you try to install on device. N900 has bluetooth built in and as far as I know it uses the bluez stack. Install the SDK and see if the library is included, then use the exposed APIs.

    Have a look at maemo.org, I am sure that you will find the needed instructions for USB "networking". A WLAN connection would be a lot easier to achieve though.
    -- Lucian

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