Hi everyone-

I'm a research assistant at Stanford University and know very little about actual software development for the phones, but was hoping that someone would be kind enough to clear up a few questions I have about accessing 3rd party apps on the **Series 40 phones**:

What's the fastest way of going from the default screen display to actually running some 3rd party app that the phone user has downloaded or somehow installed? In other words, does the user have to actually go through all the menus and scroll and everything, or can you enter numbers for the menu items and get to it quickly like that? If so, about how many button pushes in total would it take to get to and run a given 3rd party app? And beyond that, is it considered reasonable that users will memorize little number shortcuts to frequently used programs?
Also, is there any way to set up a little shortcut on their phone's main page or set up a special key code they can enter? I'm looking for the fastest possible way to get to an app and am wondering what people think of the various options.

Thanks so much for you help!

Jonathan Effrat
Stanford University