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    HttpConnection cuts Set-Cookie header on S60 3rd


    I'm developing Facebook Connect for J2ME and it's working fine on Nokia devices apart from S60 3rd (Initial Release) devices such as N73 and N80.

    The problem is that the headers sent by Facebook servers contain multiple cookies in one set-cookie header field. It seems that the device cuts the header so that only the first cookie gets through.

    For example:

    The following url responds with multiple cookies within one set-cookie field:


    Execute request in FireFox and copy response from FireBug:
    datr=1268229931-f5718c426ac6b91bacb1012af78ac2dfc08d8f5ab163f05b1b8aa; expires=Fri, 09-Mar-2012 14:16:24 GMT; path=/; domain=.facebook.com reg_fb_ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Flogin.php%3Ffbconnect%3D1%26connect_display%3Dtouch%26api_key%3Dxxx%26next%3Dfbconnect%253A%252F%252Fsuccess; path=/; domain=.facebook.com test_cookie=1; path=/; domain=.facebook.com

    So it's easy to see that there are at least "datr", "reg_fb" and "test_cookie" cookies there.

    The same request on N73, N80 or S60_3rd_MIDP responds with the following set-cookie field:

    Set-Cookie = [datr=1268229562-7ee9a9e2f6c04d83f9073d0a846cb4856529dc645ca120d337a2a; expires=Fri, 09-Mar-2012 14:11:20 GMT; path=/; domain=.facebook.com]

    Which clearly only contains the first cookie.

    Please offer any thoughts you might have on the subject.

    Kind regards,

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    Re: HttpConnection cuts Set-Cookie header on S60 3rd

    Actually it seems that the problem is the one of multiple set-cookie headers being impossible to handle on these devices.

    I thought Facebook sends them all in one header because so it seems to be on Java's side.

    So I guess there's nothing that can be done to remedy this situation.


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