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    Can Speed Dial or Call log be accessed from Symbian based phone based on S60 ro S40?

    Can some one answer, if we an access the speed dial and Call log from symbian based phone using the application residing on PC? Or either by uploading the application on Symbian phone and run it from there..??

    Your reply will be highly apprciable

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    Re: Can Speed Dial or Call log be accessed from Symbian based phone based on S60 ro S

    Series 40 is not using Symbian so you are out of luck there.
    For S60 devices you have your answer in your duplicate post.

    In general, since you are talking about a PC application accessing info from the phone, the easy way out is to see if PC Suite can retrieve that info from the phone you target. If they can then there are likely PC APIs that you can use.
    -- Lucian

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