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    What can MM7 do and when will an implementation be available????

    I have been using the NMSS API for a few weeks now and I tried the samples with a real MMSC just to find out that the MMSC is an Ericsson and according to my knowledge there is no interoperability between NMSS and other vendors MMSC. This is quite disappointing as our solution is now near complete except for this problem. I am aware of a specification called mm7, will this allow interoperability, will it mean that I can use any vendor implementation and any vendor MMSC and be able to send MMS to a real mobile phone? If so, when will there be an mm7 implementation available? The documentation say that mm7 spec was due out summer of 2002. It is now April 2003, do we have an mm7 implementation just around the corner or will i have to wait much much longer. Any replies are much appreciated.

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    MM7 availability

    Yes, you are correct, there are currently different Application Interfaces for different vendor MMSC.

    Nokia will have a MMSC version 3.0 with MM7/SOAP support due to be out late this year. However, MM7 availability to developers will depend on each region's Operator implementations and road maps for upgrade. You might want to check with your local service provider. I know that one Operator in North Amercia plans to have MM7 support near the end of this year.

    For now, you can familiarize yourself with the latest specifications at 3GPP Archives

    Have fun!

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