I recently bought a Nokia (N79) for the first time, after having multiple WinMo and most recently a G1 Android phone. I'm not crazy about touch screens and wanted a phone that I could actually use as a phone without giving up wifi and gps. I was attracted by the better camera, too, even though I really wanted an N86 (which was out of my price range).

The lack of software I can live with, the limited memory, the cramped wheel that continually hits the 2 button is annoying but not a deal breaker. The one thing that is making me crazy is trying to install software and getting told that either the certificate is out of date or invalid.

I am reluctantly going back to my G1 and the Nokia will show up on eBay any day now unless I can find a way to actually use the phone I paid for. My G1 is rooted, I routinely have installed multiple custom roms on my WinMo phones but the one truly open source platform locks me out of installing simple stuff like the latest Python and simple utilities. I'm baffled and discouraged at this user experience. I'm a power user and not a developer - why should I have to recompile software so I can self-sign it? Why should I have to cruise the net trying to figure out what signing options are at all? This is beyond ridiculous.

I purposefully went to a Nokia phone to get a quality phone with the options to write Python scripts. I wanted to start saving for a higher end phone - I suppose that's the saving grace, I don't want to upgrade to a nicer Nokia anymore.

If there is a way to turn this "dumb" phone into the smartphone I imagined I was getting, that would be the best thing. I wanted to love this phone.