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    Using WRT Location API. The default timeout is too short for indoor condition

    You are using the Location API and get the timeout error (1016) when indoor?

    Probably all the positioning methods (A-GPS, Integrated GPS, Network based) are enabled in your Location server (check from Location app).

    If this is the case, remember to increase the timeout value to about 2 minutes (instead of 15 seconds by default). This will give the server enough time to reach the "least" priority "Network based" module before the timeout expires.

    var updateoptions = new Object();
    updateoptions.PartialUpdates = false;
    updateoptions.UpdateTimeOut = 120000000; //2 minute

    var criteria = new Object();
    criteria.LocationInformationClass = "BasicLocationInformation";
    criteria.Updateoptions = updateoptions;

    var result = service_object.ILocation.GetLocation(criteria, locCallback);

    + Phong Vu

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    Re: Using WRT Location API. The default timeout is too short for indoor condition


    I am lifting this up as there was at least one recent query that did handle this same issue.
    This is something good to remember as many are now getting the most out of mobile location use case
    in WRT widgets.

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