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    how to fetch location coordinates from cell id??

    how to get latitude & longitude coordinates of a location from cellID??

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    Re: how to fetch location coordinates from cell id??

    This topic has been discussed a lots of time,here on Forum Nokia DiBo.
    Kindly have a search over here and web too.
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    Re: how to fetch location coordinates from cell id??

    In general, you do it by looking up the cell ID from a database that records the cell locations.

    Every network operator has one for their network, but they don't publish it. You could try to talk to them (there are probably 1500-2000 cellular network operators in the world), and ask them to release their databases to you. They probably won't, though.

    Or you could convince every network operator to encode the lat&long in the cell ID somehow. They most probably won't do that for you, either.

    You could also travel all roads in all countries with all operator's SIM cards (from that country), and then record each cell ID you detect with a real GPS. Then you will get such a database. Of course, you have to keep going through all the roads every now and then again, because operators change their network configuration from time to time, and new operators also set up new networks. This activity wouldn't leave you much time to do anything else, and you'd still not be able to do it in your lifetime, I suppose.

    You could of course also be clever, and have millions of people do it for you. Little by little, over time. That's how Google has been collecting data (every Google client user sends back to Google's home base data about cell IDs, detected WLANs, actual GPS coordinates, if the device has the info, etc.).

    There are also "open source" efforts for such data, like this one: http://www.opencellid.org/

    Other than that (the above alternatives), there is no way to get lat&long from the cell ID.

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