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    Question S60 3.1 FP1 - accessing Location


    I've developed on S60 before using Python and it's great, but not so easy to pass applications to others (need runtime + signing etc), so I want to see what's possible in WRT Widgets which are easy to email and install etc.

    If I understand correctly new S60 phones (3 Ed FP2 + 5 Ed) you can use platformservices to get to hardware APIs like location etc

    BUT older phones like my N82 are FP1... and can't get to the location info from a WRT Widget it seems?!

    Are there any ways to get location info in WRT for use on a FP1 device (perhaps APIBridge)?
    Does anyone have any examples of this?


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    Re: S60 3.1 FP1 - accessing Location

    WRT in S60 3.1 is very simple, you can't use location service here. Maybe, if you use API Bridge http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...ApiBridge.html, it can work.
    Javier Zambrano Ferreira

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    Re: S60 3.1 FP1 - accessing Location

    Thanks.. yer I've been looking at the API Bridge but there don't appear to be many examples.

    .. and the http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...me_API#Usage_7 link for the full details of the location implementation goes to a page which doesn't exist yet?!

    See complete implementation of this function in APIBrigde_Web_Runtime_API#Usage_6

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