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    Question [moved] Symbian Future ??

    Dear All,

    (Similar kind of post already discussed around 3yrs back, http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=84879)

    Many web sources says Nokia is planning to slow down the Symbian device production and planning to migrate to new OS. If this is the case,

    1. What will be the future of Symbian developers ??
    2. Is this is the right time for developers to adopt to other mobile technologies ??
    3. I am a Symbian developer for more than 4 yrs and see still Symbian s60 phones lacks to be best in UI when compared to its rivals Android and iPhone. Also, as of now, s60 5th edition evolution doesn't made a huge impact in market..
    4. Will Maemo powered devices will have huge impact in market ??
    5. Also sources says Nokia is going to power their devices with Android. Please comment.
    6. Finally, Which will be the right platform to migrate if point (1) and (2) are true.

    Experts, champs and all developers, Please share your views and sources which deals regarding this.

    Note: These question are raised by a team of 15 symbian developers.

    Hope this thread will clear many doubts existing in 1000's of symbian developers mind.

    Srivatsan D

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    Re: [moved] Symbian Future ??

    5. If Nokia was going to use Android, why would they bother with maemo/MeeGo, which is also based on Linux? It'd be a waste of money/resources to support two, different Linux based operating systems. I don't think Nokia will use Android until they decide to scrap maemo/MeeGo.

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    Re: [moved] Symbian Future ??

    As for 1 and 2, download and read the Software Strategy White Paper, available at http://investors.nokia.com/phoenix.z...&p=irol-hosted
    For 3 see latest market share reports as for 4 I'm afraid you would need to read the answer in some tea leafs
    -- Lucian

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