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    Thumbs down how to close application by close buttons in n900

    I want to close my application .In n810 esc buuton was there to directly close my application.
    For n900 i am using camera button to go to other window and closing it.Is there any direct buttons to close.

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    Re: how to close application by close buttons in n900

    Well, you don't need to use the camera button to go to other windows. Camera button prompts to open the lens cover.

    What I use is Ctrl + Backspace which shows me all open applications and I can close from there. Btw, there is a close button in most of the applications, which is also useful

    PS: Note that this forum is related to Qt for Maemo discussions
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: how to close application by close buttons in n900

    There is no shortcut and dedicated button for closing applications in Fremantle since N900 is a touch device. But naturally, you can implement any shortcut for closing your application. The only problem, how people will know about shortcut and why to use buttons since you can close an application using touch screen?

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