Hi all,

My idea is so simple that I'm sure that it must have already been done. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it.

What I want to do is setup a wifi ad-hoc network between three nokia s60 phones.(from reading other posts this should be simple enough) Each with manual fixed IP's.

Then be able to call between phones using SIP by calling the IP address of the other phones. I do not want to use internet connections or register on public sip servers or anyting like that(as by the time you have paid for all the internet traffic required to keep the phone visible behind the Telco NAT's it ends up being cheaper to just call using the telco's mobile network)

I just want to call direct to the ip address of the other phone. (after all this is all the registar services do, map phone number to ip addresses don't they)

I know it would only work in the range of the adhoc network, but thats all I want. (To be able to call the person in the roof cavity or under the floor that is pulling on the other end of the cable and can't hear you)

I have a work around in that I could do this through a epygi quadro connected to a wireless access point and then register each phone onto the quadro using standard nokia sip client and then make calls through the quadro, but this is messy and requires power which is often turned off when you are pulling electrical cables.

Has this already been done, if so, can someone post a link to instructions on how to setup.