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    Accessory Monitor for 3rd FP2


    I'm trying to write accessory monitor for 3rd fp2 devices (for testing I use N96).

    Of cause first of all I checked the Wiki and found two articles:

    - for S60 3rd fp1 - KAccessoryModeChanged API + DosServExam.zip example ( http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...odeChanged_API )
    - for S60 5th ed - Listening a specific accessory connected/disconnected notifications ( http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._notifications )

    DosServExam doesn't working both on E71 and N96 (doesn't run at all, AppTRK says looks like some library is missing. I think it's a DSClient). Does anyone tested it successfuly?

    Method for S60 5th ed also doesn't work on N96. Example application also doesn't run at all.

    As result - no way to monitor accessory connected/disconnected events on 3rd FP2

    I'm also trying to use search on forum and all discussions not contain any working solutions.

    Could anyone help with this issue? Thanks...

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    Re: Accessory Monitor for 3rd FP2

    I'm interested in this too for N86. Please update here when you find a solution.

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