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    retrieve platform UID programmatically

    How can the platform UID be retrieved programmatically (if possible)?

    HAL::GET() can be used to retrieve the MachineUID. But I would like to get the PlatformUID.
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    Re: retrieve platform UID programmatically


    As I know the Platform UID is stored in a stub sis under z:\system\install, for example the Series60v5.0.sis for S60 5th Edition. I'm not aware of any public API that can retrieve the UID, but you can either parse the sis by youself or simply make afilename-UID mapping table for reference.

    "S60 Platform and device identification codes"

    "CS000933 - Detecting S60 platform version at run time"

    "TSS000464 - Checking S60 platform version during installation or at run time"


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