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    HTTPS, SSL and such..

    so I understand that WTLS is replacing the TLS for mobiles.
    can I use HTTPS on J2ME?

    my main question is : if I want to send encrypted data from my mobile or decrypt on the mobile data from a server.. how do I do that?


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    in WAP 1.x, the connection can be secured with WTLS from the terminal to the WAP Gateway and then with normal SSL from the GW to the application server. In WAP 2.0, the WAP stack is replaced with TCP/IP which provides end-to-end TLS secured connection all the way from the terminal to the server. For further information about WAP security, see Nokia WAP Phone Security document at www.forum.nokia.com/documents and WAP security specifications at http://www.wapforum.org/what/technical.htm .

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