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    qmake generated files

    I've installed Qt in my SDKs and set up correctly the environment in Carbide 2.3
    When I try to create some small Qt gui application, the building process using qmake creates:
    - my_application_template.pkg
    - my_application_installer.pkg
    It seems that my_application_installer is a wrapper in which the application to be installed is embedded with the smart installer from Nokia.
    If I understand right, I need to put the two files in this order to be processed by makesis.
    The problem is that makesis creates first my_application_template.sis and not my_application.sis which is the name my_application_installer.pkg requires.
    I cannot change manually the file name, because qmake will restore it by default on rebuild....

    Any suggestion?

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    Re: qmake generated files

    Make a copy of my_application_template.pkg to my_application.pkg. Just remember to refresh the copy if you ever change anything in the config that affects the PKG file.

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