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    Purpose of QOrientationReading::setOrientation?

    while browsing the documentation for the new sensor-framework, I found this:

    What is the purpose of setting sensor data from an application? It sounds like future devices get motors so a device is able to rotate itself on the desk or in the hands of a user.

    I see that the API needs a way to actually generate such an object for returning but maybe it makes more sense to make the setter private or have only a constructor to accept the sensor value to not be able to alter returned values.

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    Re: Purpose of QOrientationReading::setOrientation?


    The setXXX methods are an artifact of the design that was chosen. A client of the API can call setXXX but nothing useful or harmful will happen (well, the value will be changed but the next update will change it back).

    There is a technical solution that could be employed to remove the setXXX methods from client use. However, this cannot be done in time for the 1.0 release and unless there's a way to do it without breaking binary compatibility it likely won't happen for some time.

    I have created an entry in our issue tracking system to keep track of this suggestion. If you have any information to add, feel free to comment on the issue.


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