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    Question Changes Issue in Code

    I m developing a game where there are in all 6 kings trying to conquer new territories on a particular map. Every time the user will play first and then the other 5 kings. Every king can conquer adjacent territory only and not any other territory. Also i m using a random function so that every time the other king can conquer diff territory and not the same one. Now i m able to achieve the 1st turn properly but i want to continue this cycle till the user main territory is conquered by other king. Now i have written the code till second chance i.e after completing the first cycle.

    now my problem is that i have to write each and every case for the user so that he can onquer the adjacent territories only and not any other else. So what i want to ask is that m i going the correct way for my task or is that i should change my approach. Also can anybody give me a small example of the condition changes for every cycle and how the changes are handled in the game for the user. I m not able to post my code since it is too big so pls give me some suggestions and also a small example for doing it. For eg of code pls c my post of "introducing delay"

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    Re: Changes Issue in Code

    Maintain a territory map in 6xN (N=no. of territory), assign an int to each king and fill in the matrix as they move, identify the master cell of the player and allow the contrained random moment for each king in each cycle, checking the master cell for game end.


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