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    Two SIS files sharing a private folder

    Hello all,

    I have a SIS file with it's own UID etc. Let's name it SIS 1. All in all a valid installable application.

    I would like to have another SIS file (SIS 2) whose installation on the phone causes some additional files to be installed in the SIS 1's private folder. SIS 2 does not have an exe, it is supposed to be an "upgrade" of SIS 1, installing additional data files.

    Is this possible?
    If so how?
    If not possible, can there be a folder which is visible only to SIS1 and SIS2?


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    Re: Two SIS files sharing a private folder

    Write a third app, which is a service that exposes an API, that allows access to files it stores in its private directory for the first two apps only and no other apps.

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    Re: Two SIS files sharing a private folder

    You can also search for upgrading rules in the SDK Help, actually there are package types (patch and upgrade) for this purpose.

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    Re: Two SIS files sharing a private folder

    Thanks for the posts! Building an private-directory-access API sounds doable, but is too much work. The upgrading rules did the trick!

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