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    e75: SIP VOIP v2.0 issue with TLS

    When I configure my e75 VoIP settings for UDP or TCP, the phone uses IP address w.x.y.z and port 5060. It's SIP contact information also properly reports the same address and port.

    When I connect using TLS, the phone uses a random port (e.g. ipAddr w.z.y.z port 53124), but reports in its SIP contact information that it is reachable at w.z.y.z port 5061.

    The SSL/TLS connection is created using the IP address and port reported at the TCP layer (w.x.y.z:53124). When the PBX places calls to the device, it uses the SIP address and port (w.z.y.z:5061).

    As a result, calls from the PBX toward the Nokia E75 are failing (no secure socket info is found at the PBX transport layer for w.x.y.z port 5061). Is there any explaination why the phone is not using port 5061 for TLS communications, or any backdoor way to force the usage of this port?


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    Re: e75: SIP VOIP v2.0 issue with TLS

    Hi there, phillier and welcome to the discussion boards!

    Please could you return to this post and tell if you have had your solution on this?
    Anyways there is something behind this link I am not sure if it helps...:http://www.best-voip-review.com/voip...port_5061.html

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