hi there;

i am having a problem with QWebView's kinetic scrolling feature (added in qt libs v4.6).
I created a simple qwebview based application and when I try to scroll a webpage (drag the page with finger) the text/content inside the page is selected instead of the page being scrolled (especially when you reach the buttom of the page and still try to scroll down with finger). this behavior prevents the page from being scrolled (since moving the finger on selected text stops the page scrolling).

that behavior doesn't exist on other browsers (the default web browser/firefox for maemo) as content is not selectable (can't be highlighted) by user

I tried to disable content editing by calling
ui->webView->page()->setContentEditable(false); // mentioned in Qwebpage's documentation page that it can disable text selection
but it didn't work
I couldn't find any APIs in Qwebview,qwebPage or QwebFrame that can disable the text/content selection.

I also tried to play with the scrolling properties of the webview to make the scrolling more responsive (make the webview scroll as instant/fast as possible that the selection can't occur)
QAbstractKineticScroller *scroller = ui->webView->property("kineticScroller").value<QAbstractKineticScroller *>();
    if (scroller) {
but that didn't stop the content selection/highlighting from happening

I am out of ideas, any hint/note is highly appreciated

thanx in advance