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    Emulator 6212 P2P connection problem


    I have problem with P2P connection with Nokia 6212.

    I run two emulators Nokia 6212, run NFCExample on each other. Then I try to "Make P2p connection" in Nokia NFC Manager.
    After this, the phone runed in Initiator mode fail and close; the phone in Target mode throw IOException: Target lost.

    How fix this?

    (sorry for my english)

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    Re: Emulator 6212 P2P connection problem

    Anybody known what's wrong?

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    Lightbulb Re: Emulator 6212 P2P connection problem

    As suggested on this page :
    Note that PID mentioned in the SDK javadocs is not valid, use SID instead
    So I'd suggest using "llcp-type1:?sid=10" instead of "llcp-type1:?pid=10". Worked for me.
    Hope that helps.

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