I've been reading a lot of topics here about the "autostarting of a midlet". There even is a topic with +120 posts. It's very difficult to find out how it must be done. Is it possible to tell me from scratch how I start when I want to do this:

- I have a MiFare1K tag which I want to use to launch my midlet called "program_code05".
- In this midlet I get the UID of the tag and I want to connect to a server to send this UID of the tag

As I understand from reading al these posts I have to do the following steps...

1) Put the NFC PushRegistryWriter midlet on my phone to write my MiFare1k tag with some kind of link (?)
2) Put in the JAD file of my midlet "program_code05" the following line: MIDlet-Push-1: ndef:external_rtd?name=urn:nfc:ext:nfc-research.atushreg,at.nfcresearch.wima.examples.PushReg,*
3) Touch the tag to launch my midlet "program_code05"
4) Touch the tag again to read the UID (because it can't be done in 1 time?)
5) Connect to the server and send the UID

Is this how it's done? I just don't know the parameters and values...

Who can help?