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    [moved] voice comparison in j2me

    when my voice is recognised it shd compare the voice of mine which is already stored in database .. is this possible .to compare 2 audio files in j2me..

    and if my voice matches it shd corresponding open an application..
    is this matching can be done using recordfilter and matches().

    pls help me out to solve this.....

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    Re: [moved] voice comparison in j2me

    Hmmm... it may be possible, but it will not be simple. There is no API that will help you. You will need to write code that takes two byte[]s, and decides whether they "match" or not.

    On most devices, the recorded audio data will probably be compressed (AMR). Or it might be in uncompressed (WAV) format. It depends on the device.

    You will need to use Google to help you find appropriate algorithms. But beware that you are proposing an extremely difficult project.


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    Re: [moved] voice comparison in j2me

    Try using some online Voice to text services (voice recognizer web service), pass your voice data to the server over HTTP and let it return the possible words that you can match fron your database.


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