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    Share Database


    Is there any way to share database in client/server application from server to client? I've found in SDK some reasonable function for RDBs called ShareProtected(): "Creates a session handle that can be be passed via IPC to another process as well as being shared by other threads in the current process". But I'm doubt what I've to do next and how can I use this function.
    Give me some advice please.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Share Database

    If you check carefully, you will see that ShareProtected comes from RSessionBase. So you could share the RDbs session itself, which is not really a good idea.
    Databases you use via RDbs+RDbDatabase are inherently supporting shared access, so you can access them from multiple clients (since usage of RDbs makes you a client of the DBMS server). However because of the same reason (the database itself is handled by the DBMS server) the database file can not reside in your private folder.

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