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    how to add QMaemo5ValueButton to an QAction?

    1:i want show the QMaemo5ValueButton in QMenu, so there must add QMaemo5ValueButton into an QAction, but i don't know how to.
    2: when i check QMaemo5ValueButton , there will to show a dialog with nothing, i want to hanld the press event, i want to show other info after i press the button, please let me know how to do ...
    please give me some idea...

    thank you in advance!

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    Re: how to add QMaemo5ValueButton to an QAction?

    You should use QWidgetAction instead of QAction.
    To add widgets to QWidgetAction use QWidgetAction::setDefaultWidget()
    Since QMaemo5ValueButton is derived from QAbstractButton you can connect slot to clicked signal

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