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    How to use API bridge

    Is there any way that I can invoke API bridge API's using symbian C++??

    I have tried to figure it out. but i guess wherever I search for "API bridge", it shows it using WRT. But, can I invoke it using my symbian C++ code??


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    Re: How to use API bridge

    Yes. API Bridge acts as a local HTTP server, so you should be able to use its functionalities from any technology capable of sending HTTP requests.


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    Re: How to use API bridge

    Thanks jappit ..

    Now, your blog is more clear to me ..


    "API Bridge libraries have been released for Flash Lite, Web Runtime and Java ME. Generally speaking, the API Bridge engine, working as a local HTTP server running on the device, is accessible from all technologies."

    Is there any sample/reference code/book which I can follow to implement the HTTP request so as to link them with API bridge server??

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