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    Wink graphics in midlet

    hi all

    i need i littel help from u.
    i try to learn how to make good application with good graphics. but the SVG, canvas, and other lo level, i not professional. can i have a e-book or videos to learn how to build this kind of application with graphic?? or can i have some examples and i learn for it ????
    best regards

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    Re: graphics in midlet

    Check the various examples for Canvas based on FN Wiki in Java - J2me


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    Re: graphics in midlet

    Hi M-lamaa,

    i would recommend you watch this video:


    Also you can find very useful information on YouTube.

    Also my favourite website is http://www.gamedev.net/reference/art...rticle1262.asp

    It teaches you from basic to difficult level.

    Hope this helps!


    Ovi Store Publisher Support

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