I have developed a Symbian application which uses features like camera,GPS,dialling etc. of the mobile device.
Currently it is not Symbian signed and i use the open signed tool to install in various devices.
I have successfully installed and run the application on N78,E66,E52,E71.
But on installation on a N86 8MP i get the following message
"Unable to install. Component is built in."

Please note that it is a new brand device just out of the box and no other applications have been installed except for the ones which already came with the phone.
Looking at some links online i already tried after updating the firmware but to no avail.
I then tried installing just the Camera Engine API application available on wiki and it installed fine.

My application UID is 0xE103FF84.
What could be the issue with N86 and how do i resolve this??

Biju Chandran