Hello everybody
After configuring SIP on N97 that’s working fine
But I need to use SIP from Out of my network & I had search on internet till I found Nokia VPN program , I installed it correctly on my Cell Phone (N97) & I configured all settings that related to SIP that can help me to use it from another network.
VPN Log:
• Information: Deactivated VPN access point ‘xxxxx’
• Information: Activated VPN access point ‘xxxxx’
• Information: Address info for VPN access point ‘xxxxx’: virtual IP ‘xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’ , local IP ‘xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’ NAT status code 1
• Information: Authenticated to VPN gateway ‘xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’, VPN access point xxxxx

Note I test the previous steps on Nokia E 71 with built-in VPN & it works very good