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    play many audio sound one after another

    i have to write an application that convert text to voice for non English language

    the problem that i face is that when trying to play the next one no delay is introduce so that many sound appear at the same time

    here is my code for playing one wav sound

    InputStream is;
            Player player;
            try {
                is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("media/ss.wav");
                player = Manager.createPlayer(is, "audio/X-wav");
                // get volume control for player and set volume to max
                VolumeControl vc = (VolumeControl) player.getControl("VolumeControl");
                if (vc != null) {
            } catch (Exception e) {

    the question is how to play multiple sound but the next one must not start if the previous not finished yet ???

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    Re: play many audio sound one after another


    Please direct your question to PublishtoOvi.support@nokia.com and the developer support might help you.

    Thank you,

    Ovi Store Publisher Support

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    Re: play many audio sound one after another

    Put a Listner on your Player, and call the send player only when the first one is post the state as - END_OF_MEDIA

    public static final String END_OF_MEDIA Posted when a Player has reached the end of the media.
    When this event is received, the eventData parameter will be a Long object designating the media time when the Player reached end of media and stopped.
    Value endOfMedia is assigned to END_OF_MEDIA.

    Refer to: API for javax.microedition.media.PlayerListener


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