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Thread: OpenGL-ES start

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    OpenGL-ES start


    I am quite new to Symbian programming, but not to C++.

    I have mastered M3G for the java platform but wish to use OpenGL-ES on symbian. I have found some examples but many problems still exist. In many cases i cannot compile to emulator, but i can to phone.

    I am using CArbide.c++ 2.3 and i have a n97 phone.

    Some examples do not compile to emu but only to sis for phone and some examples do compile for all but just show a single triangle so i need examples with a bit more content so i can start constructing a game engine. The game engine examples on forum nokia seem to have many problems and are outdated. I would like more info on how to construct a game engine on the Symbian platform but also how to get console output and so on on in carbide.

    Can anyone point me to a good example of a symbian source that will allow the loading of models and altering materials and so on? I need the basics as an example to get my engine started. I have a very stirdy engine in Java, but it just lacks the performace on software accellerated devices.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: OpenGL-ES start

    Hi nofxonline,

    What comes to examples, maybe you could have a look at the link below (if you did not already?)
    and the other links within.


    Are you after both 3D and 2D engines?

    Best Regards,
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    Re: OpenGL-ES start


    I cant seem to get the v1.2 example running both on the emualtor and the device. Many errors.
    Fixed compile errors, no actual running. Just deploy exe->process died error 0. Entry point missing in app?
    Also some vital platforms were not added and it will refuse to compile to arm5.

    Seems intended for Series 80 2nd Edition, not 5th.

    I can compile all 3d examples included in the n97 sdk though, such as FloatingDuck, TExture, Envmapping etc.

    Note: the example states: "A separate example is available for S60 3rd Edition at www.forum.nokia.com.".

    Where is this 3rd edition example of v1.2 because that would be exactly what i need and that is why i thought it wouldnt compile.



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