Greetings all.

Been a while since I've posted in here, so I trust everyone is still all as crazy as they've ever been :-)

As you may have deduced from the title of this post, I'm looking for a little guidence on Accessing SQLite on the NSeries Nokia handsets

I know that SQLite is the chosen database layer for symbian and that it's accessible from C++ , however I currently have a project that is a port of an application already existing on windows mobile, that the owner now wants to port to the NSeries platform, unfortunately there is a requirement that it be done in J2ME

From what I can see and what I've researched on the internet, there is no J2ME access to SQLite from a midlet. There are Java wrappers and at least one full fat pure Java SQLite implementation that I've come across, but none are suitable for use with J2ME due to some underlying classes the implementations require not being present in the CDLC spec.

I've been toying with a number of ideas, and have also looked at a couple of alternitives other than SQLite that may do the job. One of my Ideas involves using a C++ DLL written for symbian, that I could then call from J2ME to make the required calls into SQLite, this would be a preferable solution if I can't get SQLite access as the device must carry a copy of this local database for offline use, and the DB has already been constructed for the windows mobile platform using SQLite.

My Questions therfore are as follows:

A) Is it in anyway possible to access the SQLite implementation that is part of symbian from within a J2ME midlet.

B) If the answer to A is no, then is it possible to create a C++ DLL or other access layer that can then be called from the J2ME app and then pass those calls down to the lower levels.

C) If B is possible, then does anyone have any pointers or know where I may find further information.

D) If none of the above are useable, then what options are other developers using to access local SQL based databases that reside ON DEVICE, I'm highlighting this aspect particular beacuse everywhere else I've asked, the imediate response has been "Talk to a DB server", this unfortunately is not an option the SQL database MUST reside in the devices file system (Most likley on a memory card)

My initial thoughts are implementing my own custom interface and then calling it using JNI, but this very much depends on weather or not Nokia have fianlly decided to allow us authors to access to the OS by opening up the JNI sublayer.

I'm also not too bothered about portability at this stage, as the target for this version is squarely on the N series nokia, with th minimum spec device being the N95 (FP3)

Cheers in advance