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    N97 screen dpi resolution?

    Hello there,
    I am designing app graphics in photoshop , and I want to print it out to check how it will looks like, could buttons be smaller or bigger, and stuff like that. Also I may want to show it to co-workers, etc. When I print standard 360x640px screen size, its output is like 12.7x22,58 cm which is double as bigger as in real device. Does anyone know what's nokia n97 real world screen dpi resolution??


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    Re: N97 screen dpi resolution?

    For N97 it is 229.47 PPI
    For more information you can check out this site

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    Re: N97 screen dpi resolution?

    Thank you very much, this site is great!

    I've also found some info from another source, but I doubt it can beat that PPI calculator:

    * Apple iPhone 3GS: 165 PPI
    * Nokia N97: 210 PPI
    * Nokia N97 mini: 229 PPI
    * Motorola Droid: 265 PPI
    * Nokia N900: 267 PPI

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