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    QT TextBox after pressed a button


    I'm new in qt development and i need help for my project.

    I have to create a button that when i pressed it, the button changes to a textbox and i can modify the text on it.

    Can anyone tell me how i can do this ?


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    Re: QT TextBox after pressed a button

    you can create a dialog with a testbox, and when you press the button, you can use SIGNAL and SLOT to show the dialog.

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    Re: QT TextBox after pressed a button

    There are definitely infinite number of possibilities for UI design here. But you can have, for example, QLineEdit and QPushButton and call hilde()/show() on them, so the only one widget is visible at any given time.
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    Re: QT TextBox after pressed a button

    Yeah, the simplest approach is to lay the button and text box on top of one another (put them in a fixed-size QWidget to keep from upsetting the layout manager, if you're using one), then use hide/show to select which one is visible and active.

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