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    SMB, FTP or similar for easy access via WLAN?

    Hi everybody,

    I was looking for an easy way to access my N79 without carrying the USB-cable with me. Also I don't want to use Bluetooth because it's much too slow for bigger files.

    I have found the software symSMB, published by a non-Nokia-Company. But the software is not available anymore due to a court order caused by Nokia (say some web sites). The software SMB4S60 looks interesting, but right now it is a file client, not a file server.

    Are there any possibilities to access the devices memory via WLAN? SMB would be perfect, maybe FTP is also good.

    Thank you for some hints!


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    Sypftp works on my N79 over Wi-Fi. The only trouble is that in the current version it can't open folders with non-latin filenames (russian in my case). This soft is free of charge and distributed under MIT licence for now. Of cource, you got to install PyS60 runtime to make sypftp work.
    If you want to make a windows-like share on your phone, you may try SymNAS (former SymSMB) by telexy. It works, but it costs a lot of money.
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