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    creating transparent images at runtime


    I have a small rectangle ( graphic in PNG ) that is loaded then made as a mutable image in code.

    What I need to do is cut out random chunks of it, this isn't the problem.

    The problem is that drawing on it so the underneath becomes transparent ( the rectangle is drawed over the background during the game ).

    If set my drawing colour to be transparent, you don't see the chunks taken out which I get because your drawing nothing on something.
    Is it possible to draw in a certain colour, and then make that colour transparent afterwards ??

    Many Thanks in advance


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    Gayry™, a kewl thing that you could do is use Photoshop®. From The rectangular tool, crop the element in question and then press alt+f7 to grow. Then it's simply a matter of creating a new layer and removing all color elementals provided that it's in RGB32 differential.

    Simple as the ROLLERboogie®!!



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    Have a look at the Nokia UI API Guide. It shows how to create a coloured checkerboard image with a transparent hole in the middle.


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