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    Error Loading Images Nokia 7210!!!

    I am having problems with loading images beyond a particular limit in an application on the Nokia 7210. It doesnt load images beyond a certain count and hence the application does not load. The total size of my images is around 25K, which is well within the specified limit and the total size of my app. is around 49K. I am seeking a possible solution...

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    When you say that the size of your images is 25K, are you referring to the file size? The amount of heap memory required for the images will likely be much larger than the file sizes, so you could be running out of memory.

    On the Nokia 7210, each image will require at least width * height * 2 bytes of heap memory.

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    image loading error 7210

    Or you can easily resize the image by any of the image editing softwares like photoshop or coreldraw, I've been doing that and works fine!

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