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    Thumbs down BUG: Error in street names (Brasil/SP)

    Searching for a adress today i find a BUG.
    Various street names have ther prefixes attached into the name:

    A sample is the adress "Rua Otto Frederico Burger" that is listed as "Ruaotto Frederico Burger", and for my surprise the great major of near streets are listed like this.

    The search tool does not work because of this BUG.

    Does anyone have this BUG in other countries or locations?

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    Re: BUG: Error in street names (Brasil/SP)

    Hi David,

    Forum Nokia is a site for 3rd party software developers. Here, a bug is something which prevents a developer to create an application which handles street names correctly. And trust me, nothing stops an application developer to insert a space between "Rua" and "Otto".

    If there is a bug, it is in the maps application (whichever it is that you use), or rather in the data that application uses. But those types of errors are not in Forum Nokia's interest area.

    You can discuss with other Nokia phones users at http://www.nokia.com/discussions and if they use the same application they might know how to solve the problem, or at least where to report it.
    -- Lucian

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