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    Demo app on OVI Store, user activates app through publisher's website, possible?

    is it allowed to publish a demo version of an app on Ovi Store (for example which after a few minutes quits, or where only part of the functionality is enabled),
    and then if the user comes to my website (publisher) he can purchase (not through Ovi Store) an activation code. He enters
    the activation code in the app and then the app becomes fully functional.
    Is this allowed or is it against the rules of Ovi Store ? (Ovi Store does not make money that way).

    Or do publisher always publish 2 apps: the demo and the paid version on Ovi Store and on the publisher's website and the user can chose where to buy the paid app from.

    How is the currenty situation about symbian app piracy ? I assume Ovi Store does not offer protection in this regard so if some user gets a hand on my .SIS file
    he can post it on the internet and any user can download it for free.

    So I assume it makes sense to include some imei based online activation as a copy protection measure.

    What is the current policy about showing ads in free apps on Ovi Store ?
    Can I make a free app which each time it starts it shows some ads which the app download from my website ?

    thanks for your information,

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    Re: Demo app on OVI Store, user activates app through publisher's website, possible?

    Hello Mark,

    You may publish demo version, but linking to purchase options other than OVI is not allowed. In that case publishing 2 versions of the game could be your solution. However, you should have a good strategy with demo apps, since most users that download a demo app actually never purchase the full version.

    There are many free apps with ads in Ovi store. But, once again, ads cannot contain any link to other stores or purchasing options other than OVI store. So you should be careful with that too. I hope you made a point here.

    Best regards


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