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    Problems with 6100 and installing of games


    I am trying to install the free midles for 6100 (I have download them from softwaremarket in section free for 6100, jad and jar) but the installer of pcSuite sayes me alwayes that jad file is wrong after a partial installing (50%). They work perfectly on nokia emaulator.

    I am sure that jad and jar are correct and in any case I am testing it with many midlets, and are the same problem with all.
    Only one very old has been installed correctly.
    It is the same problem also with oxigen software!

    At Nokia Point some one told me that may be a problem of software. Do you know something about?

    Thanks in advance, Mauro

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    It was a problem of internal software of 6100!

    Thanks evrery body in any way.

    I have resolved the problem with Nokia: it was a problem of the internal software.

    Updated to new version, problem disappeared!

    Mauro C.

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