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    Question How to change toolbar text?


    On S60 5th, I define the toolbar text in resource file. But how to change it dynamically in code. I can't find any APIs to change it. Anyone who knows how to do that?


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    Re: How to change toolbar text?

    Hi zs,

    Check out this code, maybe you could do some testing on it and see if helps?

    CAknToolbar* toolbar = Toolbar();
    if ( toolbar )
    CAknButton* button = static_cast<CAknButton*>( toolbar->ControlOrNull(ETest26ListBoxViewButton1Command) );
    if ( button )
    CAknButtonState* lButtonState = button->State();
    lButtonState->SetTextL(_L("New text"));
    return ETrue;
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    Re: How to change toolbar text?

    two things:

    a) you are in the wrong category. In anotzher category, you will likely get more responses.

    b) I use this code in a Carbide-managed scenario:
    		CAknNavigationControlContainer *iNaviContainer;
    		CAknNavigationDecorator* iNaviLabelDecorator;
    		CEikStatusPane* sp = iEikonEnv->AppUiFactory()->StatusPane();
    		iNaviContainer = (CAknNavigationControlContainer *) sp->ControlL(TUid::Uid(EEikStatusPaneUidNavi));
    		iNaviLabelDecorator = iNaviContainer->CreateNavigationLabelL();
    		static_cast<CAknNaviLabel*> (iNaviLabelDecorator->DecoratedControl())->SetTextL(_L(" "));
    		delete iNaviDecorator_;
    		iNaviDecorator_ = iNaviLabelDecorator;
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