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    Servers on S60 Cellphones

    If anybody knows if you CAN or CAN'T do any of the following, could you please let me know:-

    1. Write a server in C to run as an application on a Nokia S60 cellphone.

    2. Configure and start that server as localhost (, on port 80.

    3. Access the server from the S60 browser as http://localhost/whatever (or

    4. Access a page on it from the "index.html" of a WRT Widget with (eg): <a href="http://localhost/whatever">.

    5. Access a page on it from Javascript in a WRT Widget with (eg): location.href = "http://localhost/whatever".

    Also, are there any existing S60 servers (Apache or XAMPP for the S60, for example)?

    Many thanks, Peter Newman.
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