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    MMAPI + RTSP media controlling functionalities

    Dear friends,

    I am working on video streaming over RTSP, I am able to stream and play video on device using MMAPI.I also wanted to implement video controlling features like pause, play, forward, backward and stop. I am able to implement all these features on a video which is stored in jar.But when it comes to controlling RTSP video it causes problems.Here again am able to implement pause and play but unable to implement skip forward and backward.

    My question here is
    1. how to implement media controlling functionalities like forward and backward over the RTSP

    1. is MMAPI capable enough to provide media controlling functionalities using RTSP? if yes what are they how can they be used?

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    Re: MMAPI + RTSP media controlling functionalities

    Well if there are no such options within the documentation of the MMAPI then I guess the MMAPI simply doesnt support those...
    Also a file in a JAR is obviously quite different that something you are streaming...
    The file int the JAR is compeltely available to your Player to forward/backward, whilst in a stream specific parts should be requested to the server...
    Anyways take into account that j2me isnt a very suitable platform for media-streaming...

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    Re: MMAPI + RTSP media controlling functionalities

    I also wanted to implement same functionalities. Able to play/pause/stop the player but unable to fast forward/rewind. My player also playing RTSP stream. I have tried to implament FF/Rewind with setMediaTime() method but it didnt worked on real devices( Nokia E51, Nokia 5800) whereas it worked fine on Sun emulator(as usual).

    Any help towards this will be highly appriciated.

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