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    Costly repair in Brazil

    I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I just had the charging jack of my N95 repaired (which took 5 minutes) and was charged R$100 (around US$52) for the service (at a Nokia Care center in Sao Paulo). Is this the normal rate for the job? It seems a little too much considering it is more than 10% of a brand new N95 (in the US).

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    Re: Costly repair in Brazil

    Hello marquimsp!

    To be able to verify what was actually done, I would need to see the details of the operation printed
    in the receipt you got. Without that I cannot say if they needed to change what parts possibly and was
    all of that included in the final price, or did you mean that was the cost for only the work done, excluding

    What I can tell you is that here in Finland, where I am located, similar operation (assuming it is the same)
    the job would end up costing around 55 EUR. Looking at the $/€ exchange, it comes to me pretty much to same.

    The operation most likely contained two phases;

    1. to open the device and perform mechanical fix
    2. the spare part

    The first phase would most likely consist of 95% of the actual final price of the work done, leaving only
    5% for the spare part.

    So, in all I would say you would not have got it done cheaper even you would have done it here in Finland instead.

    About the pricing in other countries for similar work I do not exactly know, but would imagine it would cost around
    the same.

    Best Regards,
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