I plan to write an application that takes the GPS location sent as a plain text message and to access this location using Ovi Maps. This is my first Symbian application so while I dig through the documentation, I could use some pointers on how to make a generated location.lmx file easily accessible.

The context:
I have a GPS tracker that sends its current location as a SMS text message to a mobile of choice, which would have my application installed. The location is sent in plain text and I want to be able to directly use it with Ovi Maps. Example message : "Latitude = 44 26 22.38N Longitude = 026 04 01.42E, Speed = 006.74Km/h , 2009-02-08,22:22".

The solution:
I started from SMS Example v2.1 which I have downloaded, built using S60_3rd_FP2_SDK_v1.1 and installed successfully on my Nokia E72. What it does is listen to the Inbox and write information about the received messages to a log.
I plan to modify it so that instead of writing the message content to the log it would :
1. parse the message to extract only the latitude and longitude information
2. generate the proper contents for the Nokia Landmark Exchange format (LMX)
3. make the generated LMX file accessible so that I can open it and my mobile would automatically launch Ovi Maps offering to import the location

I think I know how to do steps 1 and 2, but right now I do not know how to do 3. My ideas are:
3.a. modify the received message and attach a location.lmx file to it; if it's not possible to modify the SMS message, then create a new message with the attached file and save it in Inbox
3.b. save a position.lmx file on my phone or card memory, then use File Manager to browse and click it. I have already opened a LMX file from the memory card and it works: it launches Ovi Maps offering to import the POI described by the file
3.c. re-send the position.lmx file to my mobile (something like a loopback file transfer?) and then it would prompt me that I have received a file and would let me click on it

Do you have any experience with this, which solution would work (and which not)? Is there a simpler way to achieve the desired result?

Thank you