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    j2me polish integration

    hi everyone

    I'm having some problems integrating J2ME polish into

    I have been trying to load up one of the demo classes "menu"

    I receive the following msg:

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: de/enough/polish/util/Locale

    I've looked through previous forum threads that report that indicate the class is not in the Build Path.

    I have checked through eclipse and made sure the jar that contains this class is included. I am not sure how else to get the missing class into the midlet.

    Any pointers? Is there anything I need to do with the .jad to include outside libraries?


    (other info)
    J2ME installed
    Eclipse IDE
    Nokia S60 Emulator FP1 SDK
    OS Windows 7

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    Re: j2me polish integration

    Right click the project and select properties. Select Java Build Path from left pane. In the right pane - go to Order and Export tab. See there if check box against J2ME Polish jar is checked or not. It should be checked.

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