I want to filter the contacts from phonebook.
But i ony can filter by field of contacts.How to select where the contacts are come from phone memory or SIM memory.
I only want to view the contact from phone memory, the contact of SIM memory needed to be filtered out.
But i find a way only filter by field type.it can't filtered out the contacts of SIM memory.

iServiceHandler = CAiwServiceHandler::NewL();
RCriteriaArray criteriaArray;
CleanupClosePushL( criteriaArray );
_LIT8( KContentType, EGenericParamContactItemStr );
CAiwCriteriaItem* criteria = CAiwCriteriaItem::NewLC( KAiwCmdSelect, KAiwCmdSelect,
KContentType );
criteria->SetServiceClass( TUid::Uid( KAiwClassBase ) );
User::LeaveIfError( criteriaArray.Append( criteria ) );
// Attach to AIW interest
iServiceHandler->AttachL( criteriaArray );

CVPbkFieldTypeSelector* contactViewFilter = CVPbkFieldTypeSelector::NewL(
iContactManager->FieldTypes() );
CleanupStack::PushL( contactViewFilter );
VPbkContactViewFilterBuilder::BuildContactViewFilterL( *contactViewFilter,
EVPbkContactViewFilterPhoneNumber, *iContactManager );

TAiwMultipleEntrySelectionDataV2 selectionData;
selectionData.SetFetchFilter( contactViewFilter );

CAiwGenericParamList& inParamList = iServiceHandler->InParamListL();
inParamList.AppendL( TAiwGenericParam( EGenericParamContactSelectionData, TAiwVariant(
TAiwMultipleEntrySelectionDataV2Pckg( selectionData ) ) ) );

iServiceHandler->ExecuteServiceCmdL( KAiwCmdSelect, inParamList,
iServiceHandler->OutParamListL(), 0, this );

the result that i can find every contact form phone memory and SIM memory.
I expect only the result only include contacts from phone memory.

how i do it?
Any advices are welcome.