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    Is there any docs about posting procedure available?


    Is there any docs about posting procedure available? Because when I try to follow link "Get more information about publishing to Ovi>>" in "I want to > Go to market" section I'm being asked about registration. For 50 euros. Just to see if the terms and conditions of Ovi are acceptable? Can anybody suggest right way to learn details of collaboration with Ovi?

    Aleksey Khursevich

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    Re: Is there any docs about posting procedure available?

    Hi AlekseyKhursevich,

    You could find the basic procedure on publish.ovi.com, under "Learn More" tab.
    Or, click the link: https://publish.ovi.com/info/learnmore.html

    I hope this helps. Please contact us at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com if you require further clarification.

    Ovi Store Publisher Support

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