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    can't use any simulator in NMIT 3.1 (stupid question)

    i tried open 7210 sdk, 3510i sdk and 8310 as device

    but i can't use that

    the windows of NMIT sqeeze

    i can only use mobile browser and Series 60 sdk as device

    i need using 7210 simulator coz i want display chinese character correctly

    plz help


    the device error message the screen display in safe mode is

    "Device Managerpening device[com.nokia.cph.phonesw.PhoneDevice]"

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    are you able to use Nokia 7210 or Nokia 3510i Content Authoring SDK stand alone (without NMIT 3.1)? Do you remember which one you have installed first: the Toolkit or Content Authoring SDK? At least in Nokia 3510i Content Authoring SDK behaves so that if you have installed it before installing NMIT, the SDK installation procedure does not find the NMIT installation and so does not install the SDK in the NMIT subdirectory. In this case, you can run the SDK standalone, but not with a subsequently installed NMIT.

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    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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    i install NMIT first

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